The Minnesota House Bill to subsidize & expand cannabis use in Minnesota (HF100)

Click the image to download the bill as a PDF. It would follow California's failed regulatory model and create an Office of Cannabis Management, which the bill proposes should essentially create its own policy that it would then, also, execute.

The Minnesota Constitution does not permit such hyperdelegation of policy creation to executive branch agencies--this attempt to avoid substantive discussion of what cannabis use expansion will actually do to Minnesota is unacceptable. The pipe dreams of the sponsoring Legislators, that getting high is magicly productive for society and health, need to be exposed as reckless and entirely contradicted by the facts of the recreational experiments going on around the country--where illegal markets have expanded, addicition and narcotics use is growing faster than elsewhere in the US, and all other negative consequences to be expected are manifest.

View the bill on the State website, here (MN Revisor's page).

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More information coming soon with the website. Call (651) 505-3111 or email with questions.