The Minnesota Anti-Narcotic & Anti-Addictive-Drug Coalition

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The Minnesota Anti-Narcotic & Anti-Addictive-Drug Coalition (ANC)

Stopping the 2023 Recreational Cannabis Legalization is at hand!

Your Support and Help are Greatly Needed to Prevent a Marijuana Mistake in Minnesota. The Proposed Recreational Legalization would Triple Cannabis Use and Increase the Most Harmful and Most Addictive Forms. Please Complete the Volunteer Survey Below and the SAMMN Ecard via the Link-Test Below, the Full Actions Menu and Other Features will Continue Be Rolled Out this Week, Thank You!

The 2023 Bill would at-least triple THC use within a few years.

There are many problems with the bill, including the fact that the system it proposes to use to regulate cannabis selling is illegal and thus would be thrown out by the courts.

Legislators need to amend the bill into a study bill, removing the recreational legalization and adding studies.

State agencies need at least a year study the likely impact and needed adjustments in policy and costs to result from any future proposal for increasing cannabis.

April 13th at the Capitol Press Conference Room